Monday, October 14, 2013

Fox colors

Tame fox kits
We often talk about the tame foxes as “silver foxes,” but in fact there are multiple color morphs in the tame population, not just silver. All of the foxes you’ll see here are the same species, Vulpes vulpes. The silver color morph was the color used for the first foxes which were selected for the creation of the tame population, but other morphs were brought in later.

Here is the silver morph, the color we are all most familiar with as being the color of a tame fox:

Tame silver foxes

My personal favorite fox color is Georgian white. The picture below is the one on my phone background.

Tame Georgian white fox

The ones that look so much like they have border collie markings, which are that lovely lighter silver color, are counterintuitively not called silver; they’re called platinum:

Tame platinum fox
And, of course, there’s the traditional red color, which somehow always surprises me the most to see on a tame animal:

Tame red fox
A rainbow of foxes!


  1. Very cute!

    But just wondering, how tame are they? For instance dogs seem almost needy for people (though I know that's not really true), but cats seem less reliant on us and much more independent.

    1. More like dogs from the videos I've seen. Check this one out: