Monday, December 29, 2014

Upcoming classes: Dogs! Brains! Hormones!

I have two new courses being offered online with the APDT that I’m really looking forward to teaching:

  • Canine Hormones: from molecules to behavior, February 3 - March 11, 2015 (12 CEUs).  Hormones — those chemicals that float around the body to pass messages between different organs — have a lot to do with behavior. What exactly is a hormone? How do hormones pass messages around? What is the stress response, how does it work, and what does it tell us about a dog's stress levels? What about reproductive hormones like estrogen and testosterone — how do they affect behavior?
  • The Canine Brain: from neurons to behavior, March 4 - 24, 2015 (12 CEUs). The brain is an incredibly complicated organ, but it’s also incredibly interesting. What do we know about the parts of the brain and which ones affect the kinds of behaviors we care about in dogs (like fear and aggression)? What kind of cells make up the brain and how do they work? When a dog is learning, what is actually changing in the brain?
Both of these classes are intended to have something to offer both for students with very little science background and those with more extensive background — all the way from “what's a hormone?” and “what's a neuron?” to “I know oxytocin is the ’cuddle hormone’ but I hear there’s more to it than that.” If you are wondering if one of these classes is right for you, comment here or email me directly and I’ll help you figure it out, but I am working hard to make sure there is something for everyone.

Most of my audience is usually dog trainers who are looking for continuing education credits, but I love getting interested dog lovers in these classes as well, and there’s a lower cost audit option for you guys.

These classes tend to be quite discussion-heavy — the best part for me is getting to talk directly with you guys and answer the questions you have about this stuff that I hadn’t thought of talking about. It is your chance to have a dog behavior researcher at your beck and call, answering your questions!

For those who just want to read stuff on this blog, note that I’ll be writing and posting most of the course materials here over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for that.

Hope to see you there!

Dog brains!

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