Sunday, August 9, 2020

What I've been up to, summer 2020 edition

  • Missed my Behavioral Probiotics webinar, and that made you sad? Check out my new story in the Whole Dog Journal with most of the content from that webinar, and be happy!
  •  My Genetic Testing webinar for PPG is available recorded - a good place to go to learn about direct to consumer genetic testing for dogs, how it works, and when to trust it.
  • I have a Genetics of Dog Personality webinar coming up on August 20, 2020 for FDSA - you can sign up now!
  • I started a podcast. You all know about that already, right? It's called Functional Breeding and it's about how we breed dogs and how we could shake that up to do better at making good pets.
  • The podcast is part of my pandemic passion project, The Functional Dog Collaborative. The FDC aims to support people who are breeding dogs in some less conventional (but still uber responsible) ways and who therefore don't have other support mechanisms in place. There's an associated Facebook group where we talk about all this stuff. Come join us!

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